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Leadership Preparation and Development RIG Meeting

The first meeting of the Leadership Preparation and Development Research Interest Group for 2017.


Governance and Governing in Education RIG Meeting

The first meeting of the Governance and Governing Research Interest Group for 2017.


Institutional Interaction and Race in Education: opening doors or closing opportunities?

This session of the BELMAS Research Interest Group on Race & Leadership aims to open debate and stimulate discussion of the ways in which ‘race’ is understood and deployed in the theory and practice of educational leadership.


Executive Headteachers: Key Players in Emerging School Landscapes

A meeting of the BELMAS Structural Reform Research Interest Group.


Post-16 Education Leadership and Management RIG Meeting

The first meeting of the Post-16 Research Interest Group (RIG) for 2017


School and Principal Autonomy: Resisting, Not Manufacturing the Neoliberal Subject

A short seminar run by the Critical Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (CEPALS) Research Interest Group.


BELMAS Annual Conference 2017

“Educational leadership for a global society: challenges, dilemmas and ways forward.”

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