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The BELMAS blog has been developed to raise the profile of the society and to provide a place of discussion for those interested in educational leadership, management and administration. Submissions are open to both BELMAS members and non-members. For information on how to submit, click here

Views or opinions expressed in BELMAS Blog articles are solely those of the article's author and do no represent the views or opinions of BELMAS as a Society. 


Courageous Leaders: Promoting and Supporting Diversity in School

Author: Catherine Lee Few would disagree that in order to flourish educationally, young people need access to diverse role models, committed teachers and authentic school leaders. There are almost 500,000 full time equivalent teachers in the UK...

Power Sharing in the Boardroom

Author: Lindsay Jones This article first appeared on the Open University's Department of Public Leadership's PuLSE Blog.  Boards The role of the board in leading nonprofit organisations is not well understood, an...

Leading change for survival: the rural flexi-school approach

Authors: Val Poultney and Duncan Anderson  This blog article is based on a paper that has been accepted for publication in one of our journals Management in Education. Keep it an eye out for it shortly! Nestled in the...

A Lifetime Achievement

Celebrating the career and contributions of former BELMAS president and long-standing member, Ron Glatter.

Member of the Month: Mike Bottery

Author: Nicola Mellor Introducing May's Member of the Month: Mike Bottery

Does Gender Affect OFSTED Grade?

Martin Matthews investigates...

Member of the Month: Mayamin Altae

Welcome to the second iteration of Member of the Month featuring the inspirational Mayamin Altae! We’re excited to introduce April’s Member of the Month, the inspirational Mayamin Altae. May has been an English L...

Member of the Month: Naureen Khalid

Welcome to our brand new feature, celebrating you – our #BELMASFamily!

Students as consumers? Seeing through a mundane metaphor

Author: Carlos Azevedo 'I believe higher education (HE) leaders have been assuming more about HE students than the available information allows them to'

No school principal is an island: from individual to school sense-making processes in reform implementation

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER” Authors: Sherry Ganon-Shilon and Chen Schechter

Collaboration and school improvement – it’s a matter of trust!

“Collaboration-for-its-own-sake is seen as a passive and somewhat voyeuristic conceit of analysts curious to see how it unfolds in different settings.” Author: Tony Dimmer

BELMAS Annual Conference 2017: Day Three

Journalist Sue Young Reports on the final day of BELMAS Annual Conference 2017.

BELMAS Annual Conference 2017: Day Two

Journalist Susan Young reports on day two of BELMAS Annual Conference 2017.

BELMAS Annual Conference 2017: Day One

Journalist Susan Young reports on day one of BELMAS Annual Conference 2017.

Mentoring the Doctoral Student: Lessons Learned

A visit to AERA 2017 highlights the importance of inviting research students to academic conferences. Author: Pamela S. Angelle

Stress and the student: can we do more?

8-14th May 2017 is Mental Health Awareness Week. Author: Jacqueline Baxter

Motherhood, career and leadership: time to re-think the gender binary?

An emphasis on parenting rather than mothering, might provide the foundation for more equal school leadership. Author: Joan Woodhouse

Making schools fairer: a close-up look at practice

Leaders creating change in different contexts. Authors: Jacky Lumby and Marianne Coleman

Distributed Leadership - what’s the state of play?

How does this concept help us to understand educational leadership in practice? Author: Maggie Preedy

Bengal Tigers Welcome

A heartwarming tale on the art of lateral thinking in communication. Author: Susan Splichal

Evidence-based school leadership and management: are we missing a trick?

A critique on a recent article in Educational Management Administration & Leadership (EMAL) on evidence-based practice. Author: Gary Jones

Academisation and returning to governance: lessons from ECER 2016

"We need intermediate structures of governance to avoid the possibility of unchecked professional control in our schools." Author: Trevor Male

Putting the complexity into the complex

If schools and universities are complex, why do so many rely on reductive processes to understand and develop their own activities? Author: Philip Wood

Immortality, science, religion and philosophy: lessons for education and leadership

A recent read of two moving accounts of battling cancer leads to reflection on educational leadership. Author: Christine Challen

BELMAS Annual Conference 2016 - Day Three

Journalist Susan Young reports on day three of BELMAS Annual Conference 2016

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