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Apply Now: BELMAS Research and Development Grants


Applications for 2018 BELMAS Research and Development grants are now open! 

This grant is intended to encourage innovative and dynamic approaches to enhancing the understanding and development of educational leadership and management. Research and Development Grants to support this objective are open to all BELMAS members. Grants are available to support any member or members to complete a project that researches and/or develops and improves educational leadership and management at any level. BELMAS is keen to encourage and approve a wide variety of projects and approaches, especially those that are collaborative and involve both school/college leaders and university staff. Successful applicants will be awarded a grant of up to £3,000. Projects will be judged on the potential to contribute to the understanding, development and improvement of educational leadership and management and the wider benefits to the BELMAS community.

Deadline for applications: 31st May 2018

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