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Governing and Governance in Education RIG Meeting


The next meeting of the Governing and Governance Research Interest Group will take place:

Date: Wednesday 14th March 2018 
Venue: London 
Time: 11:00am - 3:30pm


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Guest presenter: Dr Andrew Wilkins, University of East London
‘Bounded school governance: Reflections on the limits and contradictions of governing’

In this presentation I reflect on the extent to which school governance in England is embroiled in the technical-rational management of processes and outcomes and the bureaucracy, performativity and professionalisation typically underpinning such management.  While these approaches to school governance are necessary in some sense – devolved management and school autonomy is vulnerable to moral hazard without proper oversight and transparency of their internal operations – they engender forms of de-democratisation or depoliticisation (concealed through an appeal to efficiency and expert knowledge) which undermine local accountability.  I conclude by arguing that much of what now constitutes school governance – succession planning, risk assessment, compliance checking, performance evaluation – should be displaced at the school-level and relocated to regional oversight teams to enable the political function of parents, teachers, students, and community members to govern their schools more directly, openly and democratically.

Q & As and discussion




Open House: Researcher Space

Q & As and discussion

This is the opportunity to share the progress of your current research project.  
(Contributors are requested to let the convener Ron Hill know of your theme in advance). 

Reference will be made to the forthcoming Economic and Social Research Council funded project looking at the governing of colleges (through an annual cycle) across the four home nations.



Dr Ron Hill (Convener)
Honorary Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Stirling

Registration for this event is free and full venue details will be provided to registered delegates in the form of joining instructions.

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