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Leadership Preparation and Development RIG Meeting

Commissioning Leadership Preparation and Development in a self – improving school system

Date: Thursday 8th November 2018
Venue: University of Derby
Time: 10:30 - 15:30

How are schools commissioning leadership preparation and development provision in a self- improving system?

Beyond the motivation to ‘sell’, share or protect’,(Greany and Higham, 2018)*, little is known about how leadership preparation and development provision is being commissioned within the multiplicity of structures and providers in the current self- improving’ school system. This RIG meeting will begin to address this question by inviting contributors who are currently involved in the commissioning process in their own schools to talk about their practice and/ or research. From these initial contributions we will be seeking to identify priorities for action that might constitute a research agenda for this area. Whether a potential contributor or not, you are invited to sign up for this meeting.

Contributions will be in the form of 15 minute powerpoint presentations covering the following 6 aspects of practice- context, focus, process, content and resourcing, with a brief conclusion of observations/questions/issues arising. These aspects are explained in more detail below in notes for contributors. If, after considering these notes, you would like to make a contribution, please send us your paragraph summary of up to 150 words against the 6 aspects above, together with a title, by Friday 12th October. We will then respond to your contribution by Friday 19th October. All contributions and any questions or comments should be sent to Paul Close at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Deborah Outhwaite, Ann Kendrick and Paul Close

Co- convenors, BELMAS Leadership Preparation and Development RIG

Notes for contributors

In your paragraph summary of practice, we would like you to briefly include details of the following:- (1) Your context (eg Stand alone school, TSA , MAT, other specified partnership arrangement etc) (2) Your priority focus on provision (eg teacher, middle, school or system leadership), (3) Your commissioning process (eg delegation to CPD team within a single school, use of external providers, networked provision across a particular school structure as a TSA or MAT etc), (4) Your content eg any particular models, ideas or research sources and delivery modes that inform your design of provision and (5) Your resourcing eg funding sources and allocations. Plus (6) any overall observations on issues or questions arising from your commissioning process so far eg quality assurance, coordination, coherence etc.

*Greany, T., and Higham, R., (2018) Hierarchies, Markets and Networks. Analysing the ‘self-improving school-led system’ agenda in England and its implications for schools. UCL Institute of Education Press

Registration for this event is free and full venue details will be provided to registered delegates in the form of joining instructions. 

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