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Leading schools for equity and inclusion in multi-faith societies


Jacky Lumby and Gerry MacRuairc – All Faiths and None: School Leadership and religion in multifaith societies.

Funded by a BELMAS Research and Development Grant, this report offers a snapshot of school leaders’ practice concerning the inclusion of learners of diverse faiths in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. The purpose of the report is to stimulate reflection and debate to develop leadership practice. The assumption underpinning the report is that faith or secular belief is a significant part of the lives of many learners and is increasingly contentious in society. To build stable societies, schools must engage meaningfully with faith and belief systems. As faith intersects with socioeconomic class, gender and sexuality, these issues are also discussed as they relate to inclusion for faith. Though faith is the primary focus, it is also a litmus paper for the intentions and practice of school leaders in an ever-more diverse society. This report can be accessed by BELMAS members in the Member Area. To join BELMAS, follow this link.

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