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When: Thursday 3rd October 
Time: 11.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: London

DfE Officials will provide a short update on their current work and would like to discuss with the group whether the three core functions of governance and the key features of effective governance, as outlined in the Governance Handbook, remain fit for purpose in England. Specifically, DfE officials are interested to hear your views on:

-        whether undertaking the three core functions of governance has an impact on the quality of schools and trusts and whether this is a good measure of effective governance?

-        would meeting the department’s six key features of effective governance enable governors to achieve their three core functions and lead to effective governance?

Follow this link to the relevant background documentation.

N.B. DfE Officials are not looking at making any legislative changes to the three core functions but this should not deter discussion around them.

There will be a Researcher Space for brief presentations on current or intended research involving governing and governance in education (please get in touch with me if you would like to present in this part of the programme.)

There will be consideration of a proposal for a special edition of MiE focused on governing of academies in England.

Please register your interest in attending - to receive the programme for the day, to assist with room booking and, of course, refreshment planning.

Dr Ron Hill, (Convener)
Professor of Education
University of Stirling

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