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REPORT: 23rd September Governing and Governance RIG Meeting


RIG Convenor: Lizana Oberholzer

Deputy RIG Convenor: Julia Skinner

We would like to thank all our members for attending the event. We were delighted to welcome Alan Richards to our meeting. Alan is a national leader of governance, and he shared his insights as governor and Chair with us, exploring key aspects to consider when looking at Risk. He reflected on a wide range of issues, such as hazards, and aligned these with our current challenges faced during Covid-19. Rich discussions followed, as members of the group shared their experiences of risk, risk assessment, considerations regarding hazards, and other key learning points during Covid-19 in line with the governance role.  Alan kindly extended an invitation for members to engage with his wider network called BIG Questions too. Alan hosts events where governors discuss key questions around governance and governing and a wide range of issues. We would like to thank Alan for his contribution and for sharing his insights with us.

The group also explored the importance of network leadership in larger organisations in our discussions too. We reflected on how governance needs to be considered in regard to organisations which comprise of multiple schools, or a cluster of educational contexts.

The session was also used to explore possible themes for the year, to enable us to map out possible opportunities to explore these research interests. For example:

  • Headteacher Wellbeing and Governance
  • Corporate Risk and Governance
  • Fraud and Governance
  • Stakeholder Risk and Governance
  • SEND and Governance
  • Safeguarding and Governance
  • The importance of Trust and Governance
  • HEI and FE and Governance
  • The role of the Governance and Governing Professional
  • Workload and paid governance

Our next RIG event takes place on the 3rd December 2020, 13.30 – 16.30. We look forward to welcoming members to the event.

Register for the next event here. 

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