Post COVID future of Educational Leadership and Administration

BELMAS Webinar 

Wednesday 26th May 2021: 4.30 – 6.15pm (GMT)

Looking to the Post COVID future on Educational Leadership and Administration: A View from the Four Jurisdictions of the UK

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You are invited to a webinar which will address the most important implications arising from the editorial and articles in the Special Issue of the journal School Leadership and Management (SLAM). 

This Special Issue of the journal (Taylor & Francis: Volume 41, Issue 1-2 (2021)), explores the governance of education across the UK and the implications for leadership preparation, development and policy in the four jurisdictions.  The articles in this issue emerged from a BELMAS project which was a participative exercise involving policy makers, leaders, advisers and researchers. In addition to an editorial, the issue includes articles from authors from each jurisdiction who will be guest speakers at the webinar.  These include:

Prof Christine Forde Scotland
Prof Alma Harris Wales
Dr Caitlin Donnelly N.Ireland
Prof Ron Glatter England

The speakers will be talking about the most important implications from their articles in the special issue for the post COVID future of educational leadership and administration. The editorial can be downloaded here. 

The webinar is hosted by the following Guest Editors of the Special Issue:

Philip Woods  University of Hertfordshire
Ian Potter         BELMAS Chair and CEO Gosport and Fareham MAT
Deirdre Torrance  University of Glasgow
Ken Jones        Freelance Academic
Tom Hamilton    University of Stirling

Whether you are able to attend this webinar or not, you are invited to submit questions or comments on the editorial or articles which directly relate to the webinar's title.  In addition, participants will be able to submit typed questions during the webinar for the panel to address.  To submit a question or comment, please follow this link.

The agenda for the webinar is:

  • Introduction by Chair
  • Jurisdiction Speakers' presentation         
  • Panel responses
  • Q&A
  • Concluding remarks by Chair of BELMAS and Guest Editor

Registration is essential to attend this webinar.

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