Annual Conference 2014

Ettington Chase, Stratford-Upon-Avon

11-13th July 2014


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Full papers and abstracts

Abstracts and full papers are available from the event.


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Sarah Nelson

Keynote: Shaping the policy landscape: Lessons from student activists in Chile

Howard Stevenson

Keynote: Can leaders shape the landscape? Understanding the battle of ideas between what works and what matters

Policy Dialogue

Do educational leaders have enough autonomy to shape the educational landscape?

A policy dialogue session, offering a vibrant panel, chaired by BELMAS Chair Prof Philip Woods. Our panelists address this question, and give us a a view on how much autonomy is desirable and possible.

Our panel:
Leora Cruddas, ASCL Director of Policy
Brett Pugh, Welsh government
Ron Glatter, President of BELMAS
Agnieszka Czejkowska, Director, Institute for Professional Development in Education, University of Graz, Austria

IGNITE session

Five short presentations to ignite debate:
Judith Buckley - "Deputy and Assistant Headship: Why Headship is no longer an option"
Lyn Crowell - "Is it time for change ? Rethinking instructional leadership"
Maria Rapti - Igniting passion around inclusion: can headteachers be the sparks ?"
Jan Robertson/Lorna Earl - "Researching innovation: understanding leadership mindsets"
Ian Potter - "Headship today constructed as a leader in a self-improving system"

'Any Questions'

Any Questions with Susan Young — where BELMAS delegates get the chance to quiz our expert panel.

Our panel:

Jill Berry – @jillberry102
Taymur Mirza – @tmirza66
Laura (Mole) Chapman – @eqtraining
Jonathan Simons – @PXEducation


‘Research and Pedagogy’ – Building the bridge between academic research and classroom practice - watch it online

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