Annual Conference 2015

10th - 12th July
Wokefield Park Conference Centre, Reading
'Democracy: Time for Renewal or Retreat in Educational Leadership'

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Full Papers and Abstracts

Abstracts and full papers are available from the event.


Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Winners

Dr Megan Crawford

Professor Peter Earley



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Dr John Novak

Keynote: Inviting Democratic Educational Leadership: Really? Really!

Anastasia de Waal

Keynote: What is valued in education?


IGNITE! Session

Seven short presentations to IGNITE! debate:

Stephen Rayner - "What makes head teachers 'well-positioned'?"
Krishan Sood - "Conceptualising Diversity and Democracy in Primary Education: Time for Leaders and Practitioners to renew the meaning of these terms"
Hazel Beadle - "Democracy delivered in 140 characters or less: Social media and the Educator's right to reply"
Devon Coke - "Participative Decision-Making: Perception of Technology Implementation of Teacher and Students in an Inner City School in Kingston, Jamaica"
Shailen Popat - "Academics and practitioners should influence policy by collaborating in the formation of think-tanks and creating tipping-points"
Fiona Creaby - "Leadership identity in practice; understanding and enacting leadership in education institutions"
Elizabeth Wood - "Who is in and who is out, the struggle for meaning and identity in the English school environment"


'Any Questions'

Any Questions with Susan Young — where BELMAS delegates get the chance to quiz our expert panel.

Our panel:

David Eddy Spicer
Robert Campbell
Christine Wise
Paul Miller

Further information on our panel is available here.



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