Annual Conference 2017


7-9th July 2017
Ettington Chase, Stratford-on-Avon, UK

“Educational leadership for a global society: challenges, dilemmas and ways forward.”

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The conference hashtag was #BELMAS2017


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Tim Goddard

Keynote: ‘When the Horizon is Behind You: Global Leadership in a Flat Earth World’

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Kathryn Mitchell

Keynote:  ‘Education Leadership: The Theory and the Practice of Leading and Developing a Large, Global University’

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Mark Gooden

Keynote: ‘Writhing, Wishing, Waking, & Walking Against the Wall: Fighting for the Future of Equity-Centered Educational Leadership in a Global Society’

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Full Papers

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Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Winner

Mike Bottery

Professor Emeritus, University of Hull

 Conference 2017-593


Reflective Practice Award Winner

Paul Campbell

Primary Teacher, Deputy Head of Department, St. Paul's School

Conference 2017-504


BELMAS Best Thesis Award Winner

Susan Cousin

Thesis Title: 'System Leadership: Are System Leaders in the English Education System Leaders of a Profession or Instruments of Government'

 Conference 2017-490


Best EMAL Paper Award Winner

Mark Boylan

Paper: Enabling adaptive system leadership: Teachers leading professional development First Published 17 Oct 2016.

Conference 2017-476


Best MIE Paper Award Winner

Simon Dowling

Paper: Professional development and the Teaching Schools experiment in England: Leadership challenges in an alliance’s first year First Published December 29, 2015.

 Conference 2017-480

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