BELMAS encourages the fullest engagement of members in the study and practice of educational leadership, management and administration and recognises significant contributions through a number of annual awards. These awards are presented at the annual conference.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was created in 2019 to celebrate the service and achievements of former BELMAS president and long-standing contributer to the BELMAS community, Ron Glatter. We will be publishing an interview with him shortly. 

Belmas Lo-259

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Doctoral Thesis Award - nominations now closed

2019 Winners:  
Jane Cavani, University of Glasgow, ‘Do you ever get this feeling…?’ University Teacher narratives from a research-led university

Belmas Lo-239 

Amal Maqarshi, University of Southampton,Group dynamics and the construction of identities in Omani higher education: a case study of cultural diversity using a social identity’

Belmas Lo-233

Pictured: PHD Supervisor Maria Kaparou, who accepted the award in the absence of Amal

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Awarded to the individual whose thesis is deemed by the Selection Panel to have made the most important contribution to our understanding of educational leadership and/or management and/or policy.

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Distinguished Service Award - nominations now closed

2019 Winner: Philip Woods, University of Hertfordshire

Belmas Lo-253

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Awarded to members who have made a unique contribution to the Society's aims over the course of their career. Candidates may be nominated by individuals, a school or college or a department of education.

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Reflective Practice Award - nominations now closed

2019 Winner: Pierre Tulowitzki, Ludwigsburg University of Education, ‘Bringing The World Together For Professional Growth In Education – Leading the International Education Management Program’

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Watch Pierre's acceptance speech here > 

Awarded to those in leadership roles in schools, colleges and universities who are able to demonstrate leadership of an innovation in an educational setting which has made a significant contribution to the development of an organisation.

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EMAL Best Paper Award

2019 Winner: Joe Flessa, OISE/University of Toronto,   ‘School Leadership in Latin America 2000-2016’ (Educational Management Administration & Leadership, March 2018, Vol. 46, No 2)

Belmas Lo-215

Awarded by the editorial board of the journal Educational Management, Administration & Leadership (EMAL) to the writer(s) of the best papers by a new contributor to the journal.


EMAL Early Career Researcher Award

2019 Winner: Stephen Rayner, University of Manchester ‘Leaders and Leadership in a climate of uncertainty: A case study of structural change in England’ (Educational Management Administration & Leadership, September 2018, Vol. 46, No 5)

Belmas Lo-213

Awarded to the writer(s) of the best paper(s) by a new contributor to the journal amongst those within five years of their Ph.D.


MIE Best Paper Award

2019 Winner: Jay Heffron, Soka University, ‘SokA education as a theory of leadership: Implications for the preparation , practice , and for the re-structuration of the modern principalship.’ (Management in Education, July 2018, Vol. 32, No 3)


Awarded by the editorial board of the journal Management in Education (MiE) to the writer(s) of the best papers by a new contributor to the journal.

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