BELMAS Blog Guidelines

The BELMAS blog has been developed to raise the profile of the society and to provide a place of discussion for those interested in educational leadership, management and administration. Submissions are open to both BELMAS members and non-members. Click here to read what's currently on the blog. 

We invite submissions of up to 800 words (including references) on topics that are related to one of our ten Research Interest Groups (RIGS):

  • Critical Educational Policy and Leadership Studies
  • Governance and Governing
  • Doctoral Research Interest Group
  • Gender and Educational Leadership
  • Structural Reform
  • Leadership Preparation and Development
  • Parental Engagement and School Leadership
  • Race and Leadership
  • Leadership in Early Years Education
  • Reflective Practitioner

What to write about

Articles can include the following:

  • short reports or summaries of research
  • experiences as a practitioner
  • reports on BELMAS events
  • opinion pieces
  • commentary on news and current affairs
  • responses to other BELMAS blog articles

How to submit

Prospective contributors should submit their ideas for articles to

Please submit 100 words outlining your article idea and why you think it will fit the BELMAS blog. Please also include which RIG it relates to. After submitting your idea, successful contributors will be contacted by the BELMAS office requesting the full article. All submissions are subject to editorial review.

Our Editor is BELMAS Member Suzanne Culshaw.

How to write a blog

If you have been selected to write an article, please keep in mind the intended audience as the BELMAS blog is for everyone to read.

Think about how you would try to engage with someone who has no experience in your field. Ask yourself the following questions: Why is this important? What do I need to explain? How can I sustain their interest?

Prospective articles should:

  • include a catchy title
  • have a conversational tone
  • avoid jargon and dense language
  • explain complex ideas where applicable
  • provide links to sources where possible

Prospective contributors should also aim to write their articles using the ‘inverted pyramid’ structure as seen below: 


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