#BELMASchat is an opportunity to exchange thoughts on the aspect of education chosen for that conversation and we welcome your suggestions – from policy to governance, personal experience to the interpretation of academic research.

Our twitter chats are held on a monthly basis and all are welcome to join in the discussion.  Each month's discussion is collated in a Storify and posted here.

April #BELMASchat

'What ways can leaders use to sustain themselves in times of rapid change?'.

March #BELMASchat

Can any school system be left to self improve? If so, how?

February #BELMASchat

What one new policy would help school leaders the most?  

January #BELMASchat

Should school leaders spend more time on their own development?

November #BELMASchat

'How much autonomy can publicly-funded schools expect?      

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