Council Members

The role of President and Vice President is honorary, and is bestowed on members who have given distinguished service to the Society. The Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary are all officers who are engaged in active management of the Society and elected annually. Elected members serve for 3 years and, together with the officers of the Society, comprise the Board of Directors. Co-opted members are appointed to provide specialist advice and support to Council.

Presidents and Vice Presidents

Ron Glatter (President) - Profile

Professor Peter Ribbins (Honorary Vice President)

Dr Rene Saran (Honorary Vice President) - Profile

Professor Tony Bush (Vice President; Editor: EMAL) - Profile

Dr Barbara Vann (Vice President) - Profile

Elected Officers

Mrs Rehana Shanks (Chair) - Profile

Mr Ian Potter (Vice-Chair) - Profile

Mrs Gill Howland (Immediate Past Chair) - Profile

Dr Alison Taysum (Honorary Treasurer) - Profile

Mrs Elizabeth Wood (Secretary) - Profile

Elected Members

Dr Kay Fuller - Profile

Dr Victoria Showunmi - Profile

Dr Ruth McGinity - Profile 

Dr Deborah Outhwaite - Profile

Dr Jacqueline Baxter (Editor: MiE) - Profile

Dr Catherine Simon - Profile

Professor Paul Miller - Profile

Dr Saeeda Shah - Profile

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