Development Grant Eligibility

What types of projects are eligible?

The following are examples only of the kinds of activities that might be supported; it is not an exhaustive list:

  • An innovative leadership development collaboration across different educational institutions, such as a project involving a number of schools or a school and a university
  • A small-scale research project that addresses, in a focused way, a key current policy or other issue which has significant implications for educational leadership and management.
  • A whole-school leadership development activity or programme which has implications for other educational institutions.
  • A research and development project, partnering school leaders and higher education researchers
  • An educational leadership development workshop bringing together practitioners from different settings, perhaps supported or part-funded by an external organisation
  • An activity or activities designed to develop local educational networks, for example in a country where such networks are underdeveloped.

Please Note:

Projects will have a higher chance of being funded if they have:

  • A strong focus on understanding, developing and improving an aspect of educational leadership and management
  • The potential to benefit the wider leadership and management community and not just those directly involved with the project
  • Specific objectives and an evaluation design to ascertain the extent to which these objectives have been met
  • An effective dissemination plan to ensure the work reaches as many BELMAS members as possible
  • Some collaboration between different stakeholder groups - projects involving both school/college leaders and university staff are particularly welcome
  • Additional or matched funding from another organisation or institution
  • For research projects, an element of research capacity building - projects containing a mixture of people with varying degrees of action research experience are particularly welcome

Applicants MUST be BELMAS members at the time of application. For applications submitted by BELMAS Research Interest Groups (RIGs), the Lead Organiser must be a BELMAS member and applications should be submitted through the RIG convenor.

One award per person is permitted in any consecutive 3 year period. Recipients of BELMAS funding for other grants and awards within the previous 3 years are also ineligible, except for the following:

  • Thesis Award
  • Best Paper EMAL
  • Best Paper MiE

What can the funding be used for?

The grant can be used in various ways, including:

  • data gathering and transcription
  • printing
  • meeting costs
  • supply cover
  • travel costs
  • dissemination costs - including conference fees and accommodation. Financial support for conference attendance is limited to one individual, normally the specified grant holder

Staff salaries, consultant or researcher fees are not normally permitted.

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