Gill Howland

Project Summary

An Investigation into the Local Impact of a Hard Federation of 10 schools, in a three tier system, in a market town in North Staffordshire

Objectives are as follows:
1. To identify the enabling and constraining factors in the early development of an all age Hard Federation that will improve the outcomes for children in the whole town
2. To use these findings to inform the development of strategies to address the identified constraints and achieve the objectives of the federation
3. To investigate the various models of governance that could be adopted by the Federation

School leaders and governors in the town have committed to the development of a Hard Federation, which will offer a coherent and progressive learning experience across primary and secondary education. This will require greater collaboration in planning, use of resources, staff development and deployment, and governance. The project will identify issues to be addressed during the first year of the development.

The research will be focussed on the senior leaders and governors of the consortium, who will complete an interview questionnaire and structured one to one interview. The findings and emerging themes will inform the implementation plan and the generation of models of governance.

(Gill Howland, Independent)

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