Keynote - Anastasia de Waal

Anastasia de Waal

Anastasia de Waal is a policy analyst and Deputy Director of think tank Civitas. Her work centres on analysing social and economic trends and evaluating family and education policy. She is also a qualified primary school teacher, specifically trained for inner-city teaching. A regular contributor to broadcast and print media, her publications include The Meaning of Matrimony, Inspecting the Inspectorate and Second Thoughts on the Family Inspection. She is Chair of national family support charity Family Lives.

Keynote – ‘What is valued in education’

Anastasia will offer delegates to the conference an opportunity to critically discuss issues which have a strong bearing on democracy and leadership in education, as well as the everyday reality of the classroom.

Amongst much policy rhetoric on what we value in education, Anastasia will explore issues that impact on practice, and are much debated in the media and in print. From assessment regimes, to poor vocational training to over-tired teachers, her talk will ask whether we are getting education ‘right’ in this country, and crucially who decides.

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