Keynote - Dr John Novak

John Novak

Dr. John M. Novak is Professor of Education and former Chair of the Department of Graduate Studies in Education at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and has escaped on occasions to be an invited keynote speaker on six continents. As a public school educator in North Carolina, Washington state, and the Virgin Islands he was suspicious of bearded university professors who were out-of-touch with the realities of everyday school life. As a bearded university professor, and former President of the Society of Professors of Education, he has worked to become worthy of his trust. His recent books include Leading for Educational Lives,  From Conflict to Conciliation, Fundamentals of Invitational Education, the Third Edition of Inviting School Success, Democratic Teacher Education, Advancing Invitational Thinking, and Inviting Educational Leadership.

– ‘Inviting Democratic Educational Leadership: Really? Really!’

Professor Novak will present the key ideas of educational leadership as seen from an inviting perspective and show their democratic implications. Based on his new book, Leading for Educational Lives: Inviting and Sustaining Imaginative Acts of Hope in a Connected World, he will argue that this is not the time for educational leaders to retreat from democracy but to charge it with energy, insight, and commitment. Democratic educational leadership means that everyone matters and should have the opportunity to participate in the events that shape one’s life. Really? Really!

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