Keynote Speakers 2013

Carol Campbell

Carol CampbellCarol Campbell is Associate Professor, Leadership and Educational Change, at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. She is known for her commitment and international experience in connecting evidence, policy and practice for educational improvement. Previously, Carol held senior positions in the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada, including: Senior Executive Officer in The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat; being appointed Ontario’s first Chief Research Officer for Education; and becoming the founding Director of the Education Research & Evaluation Strategy Branch. In the USA, Carol was Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) at Stanford University, including overseeing the Leadership for Equity and Accountability in Districts and Schools (LEADS) Network and the School Redesign Network (SRN).  In England, Carol was a member of faculty in education management at the Institute of Education, University of London. She worked also with the (then) DfESas a Policy Advisor to the Bristol Education Partnership Board and, later, as Policy Advisor the Commissioner for London Schools on The London Challenge. Originally from Scotland, Carol completed her doctorate at the University of Strathclyde.

Leading Beyond the Organisation? Whole System Education Leadership

This keynote explores the BELMAS 2013 conference theme of ‘Leading Beyond the Organisation’ with a focus on developing whole system education leadership. It is proposed that whole system education leadership involves attention to the capacities and practices of teacher leadership, school leadership and system leadership at local and national levels, for example among and between classrooms, school networks, local authorities and national governments. The combination of using research, data and professional experience will be examined for leading with evidence for school and system improvement.

Despite the large body of education leadership research in general and as applied to schools and districts/local authorities; there is a lack of evidence about whole system education leadership. In particular, the leadership practices and capacities of government leaders in educational change are seriously under-researched. At the local level, while research on teacher leadership has developed over time, there is also a need for further evidence about how teacher leaders initiate, innovate and spread effective practices on a larger scale across an education system. And how these teacher and government leaders work with school and district/network leaders for sustainable and systemic improvement is another area for attention. This keynote examines the notion of leading beyond the organisation by examining how whole system education leadership is practiced to support and spread effective, innovative and evidence-informed practices at scale, including the capacities and connections of teacher, school, local authority and government leaders.

Alison Peacock

Alison PeacockAlison Peacock, is headteacher at The Wroxham Primary School, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire and Leader of the Cambridge Primary Review National Network. She is also a National Leader in Education (NLE) and leads a National School of Creativity. Wroxham was awarded Teaching School status in July 2011.
Alison’s teaching career spans primary, secondary and advisory roles. Alison leads an influential network of primary colleagues across England. She leads the CPR network in partnership with Professor Robin Alexander, Director of the Cambridge Primary Review. Together they have established twelve CPR centres at universities across the country.

Alison’s transformative leadership of her school is the subject of a book ‘Creating Learning without Limits’ (2012). Throughout her career she has worked in partnership with educational researchers to document her innovative work as a teacher and school leader.

Creating Learning without Limits as a Teaching School

Alison Peacock is co-author of Creating Learning without Limits (2012) a study of the primary school where she is headteacher.  Her presentation tells the story of an alternative improvement agenda that centres on a highly principled approach to teaching and leadership.

At the conference Alison talked about her approach to shared leadership of the alliance and the manner in which leading beyond her school is inspired and enabled by the research findings from her school.  Her invitation is to explore notions of system leadership through an approach that is both innovative and enabling with the highest possible ambitions for all.

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