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Notes from the 28th Nov Governing and Governance RIG Meeting


The latest meeting of the Governing and Governance Research Interest Group (RIG) was held on Thursday 28 November 2019 at the Wesley Hotel, Euston, London.


There were 16 attendees including academics, researchers, practitioners associated with governing schools and colleges, and school governors.

The meeting started at 11.00am.


The morning session looked at two aspects of governance

 Jan Huyton, Cardiff Metropolitan University, led a discussion exploring impact from governor development.

Tom Fellows, National Governors Association, gave a presentation about a forthcoming job evaluation study applied to the Clerk to the Governing Body.  

The afternoon session started with a presentation from Roger Inman, Head of Education at Stone King Solicitors considering the evolution of the English statutory education system during the last 20 years.

This was followed by three mini-presentations from researchers

  • John Clark: on a case study of governing under pressure
  • Julia Richards (UCL/IOE): considering the role of a MAT Board in relation to SEND pupils in a member school
  • Ian Dewes (Birmingham City University): considering the governance model of MATs, which is generally centralising decision making and marginalising the ‘local’.

The latest version of the submission to the Board of Management in Education for a Special Edition re Governance and Governing was supported. The development team were thanked for their work in preparing the submission.

Naureen Khalid acted as Twitter link and reported on messages received during the meeting.

Chris James announced his forthcoming retirement from the University of Bath. Whilst hoping and expecting continued support from Chris at the RIG in future, he was thanked for his commitment and contribution to the RIG (Governing and Governance in Education) since its inception.

The Convener informed that the three dates for the RIG meetings in 2020 would be determined by 31 Dec 2019. The usual pattern of March, May or September, and November would be followed.

The meeting concluded at 3.10pm.

Prof. Ron Hill, RIG G&GE Convener
3 December 2019

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