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Researching free schools: What do we know? What do we need to know?


The next meeting of the BELMAS Structural Reform RIG will be held at...

Venue: The Institute of Education, London
Date: Tuesday 17 November
Time: 11:00-15:30

The focus of the meeting will be on free schools. Although these are still relatively few in number, the Government has confirmed that they remain a central part of policy for restructuring the school system. It is important, therefore, that the ways in which free schools are established (and by whom), the provision they offer, the population groups they serve, and their outcomes are subject to scrutiny. This meeting will provide the opportunity to do this by considering what we know, what we need to know and how research in this area might be developed.

The keynote presentation for this meeting will be given by Dr Rob Higham of the Institute of Education speaking on ‘The emerging Free School landscape: new providers, local hierarchies and competitive pressure’. Rob has researched and written about free schools for a number of years. Other research-based presentations will be:

  • Agency and liberty in structural reforms: experiences of influence in Free School governance and strategy;
  • The battle between autonomy and accountability: an examination of the vision and reality of two case study free schools;
  • Private schools for free? The factors influencing some parents’ choice of a Free School.

The meeting will also provide the opportunity for other researchers in this and related areas to share their work.

Registration is free for this event.

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