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A big thank you from Rene!


Following BELMAS Vice-President, Rene Saran’s 100th birthday celebrations in June, we have a very special message for you all… 

‘Dear Friends and Colleagues of Rene,

Having allowed a little time for Rene to enjoy all the cars, flowers, gifts and other greetings she received on her birthday, I spoke to her yesterday. 

She had been overwhelmed with all the messages she received on her  Centenary.  I know that she will have great pleasure in the weeks to come for she will be able look at them again and reminisce, recalling friendships and the many happy occasions spent with you and others over the years.

The BELMAS tribute for Rene is now available on YouTube.

We agreed that I would send you her thanks and appreciation for all the kindness and thought which went into her birthday celebration. 

With very best wishes, 

Dorothy Moir,Trustee, SFCP’

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