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Inaugural BELMAS Lecture


When: Monday 7th October 
Time: 6:00pm – 7:35pm
Venue: UCL, IOE

We’re delighted to introduce our new event, The BELMAS Annual Educational Leadership Lecture. Intended to reach a variety of different audiences, across the globe, the lectures will offer participants the opportunity to hear from leading figures in the field and to engage with us on set topics and to learn more about our work, our goals and our passions. Each lecture will focus on a specific topic related to education and will feature carefully selected speakers who are experts and leaders in their fields. Our first Annual Lecture will focus on race in education with award-winning writer, education campaigner, consultant, lecturer and researcher, Professor Gus John.


6.00pm          Registration at Reception Level. Tea and Coffee

6.30pm          Welcome, Introductions and Announcement

6.35pm          Lecture and Q&A’s

7.35pm          Drinks Reception and Networking

Keynote: Prof Gus John 

 1200px-Gus John - 2019-07-15 - Andy Mabbett

Prof Gus John is a Grenadian-born award-winning writer, education campaigner, consultant, lecturer and researcher, who moved to the UK in 1964. He has done notable work in the fields of education policy, management and international development. As a social analyst he specialises in social audits, change management, policy formulation and review, and programme evaluation and development. Since the 1960s he has been active in issues of education and schooling in Britain's inner cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London, and he was the first black Director of Education and Leisure Services in Britain. He has also worked in a number of university settings, including as visiting Faculty Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, as an associate professor of education and honorary fellow of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the UCL Institute of Education, University of London and visiting professor at Coventry University.  A respected public speaker and media commentator, he works internationally as an executive coach and a management and social investment consultant.

Keynote Title and Abstract: 

Decolonising Curriculum, Pedagogy and Education Leadership and Management

The coloniality discourse is typically framed around the need to challenge if not displace epistemologies and dominant ways of seeing the world that are manifestations of the legacy of empire and imperialism in Europe. The push for decolonisation has come from the bottom, so to say, with the othered and marginalised refusing to accept only white, European constructions of history and the evolution and validation of knowledge. In effect, we should have been addressing the issue of curriculum, teaching, assessment and leadership in education as those functions relate to understanding and eliminating structural, cultural, institutional and personal manifestations of discrimination and exclusion – and therefore focusing on decolonisation – long before students began to raise their voices about the whiteness and Eurocentric nature of curriculum and epistemologies. Instead, many institutions are seeking to find from across the sector examples of how decolonisation is being done in practice and what might be emulated as good practice. Conveniently, we have embraced unconscious bias as a new condition to be treated, rather than seeking to dismantle the systems that sustain and perpetuate racism, denial of opportunity and myriad forms of social in justice.  So, who is leading change in the academy and by extension in society?   

Registration for this event is free and full venue details will be provided to registered delegates in the form of joining instructions. 

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