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We're changing the way you receive our journals


Dear Members,

At the end of this year, the current contract between BELMAS and SAGE Publications, to publish Educational Management, Administration and Leadership (EMAL), and Management in Education (MiE), will come to an end. The pressures of Open Access, the overall instability of the market, and the global drive towards environmental sustainability have necessitated new arrangements for 2022.
What Does This Mean For You?

From January next year, the BELMAS Membership fee will include online journals only. However, we understand that many of our members enjoy the tangibility of printed journals. With this in mind, hard copies will still be available but at an additional cost. 
The fees are as follows: £72 (GBP) for EMAL* and £28 (GBP) for MIE. 
*Free Copies of EMAL for 2022
In celebration of EMAL's 50th Anniversary, all 6 issues of EMAL published in 2022 will be free to members. From 2023, the annual charge of  £72 will be introduced for EMAL.
How it Will Work
From Nov 1st 2021, renewing members will receive a notification on the invoices and renewals page of the BELMAS website asking them to select the following:

  • Receive EMAL (free for 2022)
  • Receive MIE (£28)
  • No printed copies

Upon clicking ‘subscribe’, the appropriate opt-in fees will be added to your cart and you will be able to pay for these alongside your membership renewal fee. 

Members who have already renewed:

We are aware that many of our members have already renewed and their membership will carry over into 2022. On Nov 1st, these members will be sent a separate form to make their opt-in choices. They will then be contacted individually to make the appropriate fee payments.

Important Information

  • The fees will cover the publishing period from Jan - Dec 2022. Hard copies from this year will continue to be sent out until December. 
  • Opt in fees are non-refundable. You will not be able to change your opt-in preferences until your next renewal date
  • Members who do not take action will automatically be assigned non-printed copies and online access only

Further Questions

For more information on the opt-in and how it will work, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

Although these additional costs have necessarily been imposed upon us, we hope that you agree that this is also an important step in reducing the carbon footprint of the Society. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to continuing to provide you with our journals!

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