Meet the Team

Ever wondered about the fine folk who work behind the scenes at BELMAS?

We’re a small (though some might say, perfectly formed) unit who are well seasoned in keeping the BELMAS cogs turning (hopefully without looking like we’ve broken a sweat in doing so!). We’re made up of three Brits and one Aussie, all of whom are partial to gratuitous wit and reparetee, a mid-morning sweet pastry, and long-winded discussions about the latest TV drama.

Get to know us…


Richard has been with BELMAS since 2010 and is responsible for the financial management, the BELMAS office and delivering the Society’s programme of activities. With a professional background spanning the military, the manufacturing industry, primary care, and the voluntary sector, Richard brings ample experience, steadfast leadership and an array of hilarious and colourful anecdotes to the BELMAS office.

Fun facts – Richard played in a competition brass band for some years, holds the county record for the 3,000-metre steeplechase in Huntingdon and Peterborough (unassailable since the county merged into Cambridgeshire in 1974 !) , has a twin brother (who is a wildlife artist) and has married a twin! During the UEFA Euro 96’ football tournament, he subjected his family to being filmed watching the matches as part of a research study by a student of linguistics from a German university. He’s still awaiting the results of that research.


Our resident Jack-of-all-trades; Kelly has managed the Society’s finances since 2013 and plays a vital role in the planning and delivery of the annual conference. In addition, she provides unwavering assistance to members and administrative support to the Council and Executive Boards. A Sheffield girl and Mum to Mason and Josh; Kelly brings energy, humour, passion and steel not only to the team, but also to the custodianship of BELMAS finances and to a myriad of support activities.

Fun facts – Kelly is a walking, talking FRIENDS encyclopaedia and can offer up a quote from the show to fit any living scenario. She wears contact lenses for poor eyesight, but can spot a typo from a mile away. She loves the name Riley yet strangely enough, didn’t use the name for either of her two sons! Kelly is also a brown belt in karate, a maestro on Excel, and is allergic to all animals. Yes – even dogs!


Rachael hails from Perth, Australia and has a knack for standing everything on its head! Her artistic talents and extensive technical abilities are evident in the design and content of the Society’s website. Known to many members for her efficient and attentive support, Rachael is also the designer of our conference app and the creator and voice for the tutorial video, as well as being the creative eye behind all of our social and online graphics.

Fun facts – Rachael named her beloved cat, Curzon, after a character on her favourite show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her last name is technically Rublinksy, but her family changed it to Robins when they fled the continent during World War II. She’s a Game Master for the table-top adventure game, Dungeons and Dragons, has a scuba diving license which she’s never used, once shook hands with legendary actor, Patrick Stewart, and secretly thinks that Marmite is much nicer than Vegemite (just don’t tell the Aussie government as there’s a good chance she won’t be able to go home!).


As the newest member of our team, Nicola is taking the office to new heights with her background in marketing and creative writing. A wizard with words, she’s the voice behind our new and improved newsletter, renewal emails and social media presence. A Sheffield native like Kelly, she brings a spark and vibrancy to the office that brightens our day.

Fun facts – In her teens and early twenties, Nicola toured the UK as part of a girl band (the evidence has since been destroyed!). These days, she volunteers as a creative writing coach for children, is obsessed with all things film and TV, makes lists for anything and everything, buys far too many plants, and is in the process of writing a book with her childhood best friend. Most notably, she doesn’t go a day without eating a bite of chocolate!

We’re always happy to hear from our members, so if you have any queries, need a hand with your membership, or just want to say hello, get in touch with us by emailing or you can reach us on Twitter @BelmasOffice. We look forward to getting to know you!

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