Message from our Chair - Ian Potter

"Welcome to our BELMAS website. We hope that you will enjoy looking at the opportunities that BELMAS offers to anyone interested in educational leadership.137 unnamed

Our members work in a wide-range of educational settings across the globe and we encourage their contributions equally. Their experience of research and practice in educational leadership is extensive and we are fortunate to be in the position that, together, our members contribute to making BELMAS an open, diverse, supportive and stimulating society.

A unique purpose of BELMAS is to facilitate bringing together practice, research and theory, and through this blend of experience and interest, provide opportunities to grow and learn, to tap into and build networks of common interest, to see things through different eyes and to challenge ideas in a supportive environment. We value highly the diverse insights and perspectives that our members can bring and that our individual and collective experience offers. We are passionate about encouraging discussion, debate, reflection and the sharing of ideas in order to develop our professional practice, to challenge views and to take an objective, non-political perspective on developments in the field of educational leadership.

My life in education has opened up doors to chances that I would never have dreamt possible and, in achieving that, BELMAS has been crucially important. The Society has enabled me to reflect more deeply and critically on my professional practice and personal understanding; it has brought me into contact with a wide-range of interesting and supportive people who together have a vast amount of experience and knowledge. This has enriched me professionally and personally. I am committed - with the support of the office and council - to enabling this for all members of the Society. 

It has been, and still is, a challenging time worldwide as we learn to live with and manage the impact of Covid-19. BELMAS and its members will continue to play their part in contributing to knowledge and learning deeply about the implications of the pandemic in Educational leadership, management and administration. 2021 is the fiftieth anniversary of our Society and provides a symbolic opportunity to affirm how significant and vital is knowledge production in our field, drawing on previous practice and research as well as supporting future enquiry and reflexivity.

Whether you are early on in your career, or have had many years of experience, we welcome you joining us and taking part in our community. Do take a look at our website and if you’d like further information don’t hesitate to contact us at our email address:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Potter"  

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