Our aims and plans

Statement of Intent

We consider equality in the education landscape an important agenda and welcome the Department of Education’s leadership in taking meaningful steps to achieve a diverse workforce at all levels. As the premier body for research in educational leadership and management in the UK, we look forward to a discourse with them and other co-signatories regarding the evidence related to this subject. 

 BELMAS will:

 - Contribute to high-Level discourse on race, gender and other diversity issues through its research groups, public lectures, conferences and other events

 - Facilitate the dissemination of high-quality research on diversity issues, potentially via its journals: Management in Education and Educational Management Administration and Leadership 

 - Continue to reflect on its engagement with diversity.

Our Aims

We aim to:

  • encourage discussion and dissemination of ideas related to good practice
  • facilitate collaboration between practitioners and academics within and across educational sectors
  • promote reflective and research-based approaches to leadership and management
  • encourage networking
  • represent nationally and internationally the importance of effective leadership and management for educational improvement.
Our plans include:
  • continuing to develop the 12 Research Interest Groups (RIGs) and to consolidate the new Research Student Network
  • a full programme of seminars and conferences
  • in partnership with SAGE Publications, 3 months free access to articles which inform the monthly #BELMASchat discussions
  • a new website blog with wide-ranging contributions from members.

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