New landscapes of schooling: challenges for governors and governance

As the schooling landscape in England becomes more diverse and fragmented governors are faced with increasingly complex choices about the future of their schools and the ways in which they should be governed. Issues arise not just about ‘academisation’ itself, but also about the kind of school governors want and whether this might be best achieved in partnership with other schools, either through a federation, multi-academy trust or some other form of partnership.  This joint meeting of the BELMAS Governance and Governing RIG and the newly formed Structural Reform RIG (this group will be available to join online shortly) will explore some of the issues that arise for governors. It will be structured around presentations by three contributors who have undertaken studies of emerging governance models with funding from BELMAS:

Max Coates (Institute of Education):
The co-operative schools and academies movement as a model for meaningful community ownership of schools

Eleanor Howarth (National Governors Association):
Governing bodies that choose to join federations and multi-academy trusts

Penny Smith (University of Warwick):
Governance and accountability arrangements: new types of schooling

There will opportunity for RIG members to share their research interests.

The meeting will take place in the School of Education, University of Birmingham from 11am-3pm on Friday 23 May.

Please note: This meeting replaces the meeting originally notified for 16 May in Leeds.

Please note: An email will be sent to the membership when the Structural Reform RIG is online so that you are able to join it.

Upcoming Dates for this event

  • Fri 23 May 2014
  • Fri 09 May 2014
  • School of Education, University of Birmingham, Birmingham

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