Past Events


CEPaLS Meeting 6th June 2013 at the University of Nottingham

Further to the Critical Educational Policy and Leadership (CEPALs) Research Interest Group meeting held at the University of Nottingham on 6th June 2013, here is the Activism talk by Richard Hatcher. Please note - only members who are part of the CEPALs group will be able to view this document....


"Who should own our schools?" London 19 June 2013

Missed this conference? For an informative and entertaining report on the presentations and discussions, read Susan Young's piece and view video footage from the day.


Annual Lecture at the Institute of Education

Are we nearly there yet? progress and next steps towards a self-improving school system


Governing By inspection: insights from international studies

School inspection is employed in a number of countries as a means by which to govern increasingly complex education systems. Despite a tenuous link between inspection and school improvement, it remains a key driver in the shaping and implementation of education policy, as well as taking a central role in the politics of educational change.


CEPALs RIG Meeting

The meeting will be at the University of Nottingham, Highfield House. Dr Ruth Boyask will be presenting.


Further Education: Is it time for Cinderella to go to the Ball?

Further education is often overlooked or not understood, yet in a context of demands for higher levels of education and skills, the role of further education, and its relationship with schools, universities and employers, is arguably more important than ever. University of Derby


New landscapes of schooling: challenges for governors and governance

This joint meeting of the BELMAS Governing and Governance RIG and the newly formed Structural Reform RIG will explore some of the issues that arise for governors. University of Birmingham


CEPALs 2 day Meeting - University of Nottingham

5th/6th June - 2 day workshop, University of Nottingham.


CASEA-CCEAM Conference 6 to 10 June 2014

Next year both conferences are being held at the same time in a beautiful, and little visited part of Canada, New Brunswick, which is easy to reach from the UK, via Toronto, Montreal or Halifax.

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