Penny Smith & Ian Abbott

Project Summary

Leadership and Governance: new types of schooling

The project will focus on two Local Authorities to investigate a number of common issues arising from the restructuring of the school system. It has the following objectives:

  • To identify the different types of school that have been, or are being, established in the local area.
  • To identify models of governance.
  • To explore accountability procedures.
  • To examine leadership models.
  • To establish the extent of Local Authority involvement.
  • To investigate competition and collaboration.

Initial data collection will involve documentary analysis of government policies and school documentation relating to leadership and governance. The principal research instrument will be semi structured interviews in schools, which have already restructured or those intending to do so. Interviews will be conducted with the headteacher, chair of governors, business manager/bursar and sponsors. Similar interviews will be carried out in one school in each area that has not undergone a change of status. A representative from each LA will also be interviewed. The interviews will provide data to develop case studies to illustrate common practice and to identify key issues. The project will generate local findings on a range of issues that will have national relevance.

(Ian Abbott, University of Warwick)

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