Small-scale Research Awards 2012-2013

Leadership preparation and development: exploring the local impact of the new independent schools environment in England

Developing school leaders in England in the post-mandatory NPQH context
Mary Briggs and Janet Goodall (University of Warwick) and Nick Lamorte (Hall Green Infant School) *Report not currently available

Hub Teaching Schools and Teaching School Alliances: Preparing leaders for the future? Chris Chapman (University of Manchester)
Chris Chapman (University of Manchester) *Report not currently available

Development of teacher leadership: the impact of principal-teacher interactions
Annie Cheng and Elson Szeto (Honk Kong Institute of Education) *Report not currently available

Leadership preparation and development for UK-based university professors
Linda Evans (University of Leeds)
Final Report (pdf)

An investigation into women’s leadership preparation within the senior leadership team
Kay Fuller and Joanne Cliffe (University of Birmingham), Linda Hammersley-Fletcher (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Pontso Moorosi (University of Warwick)
Final Report (pdf)

The leadership development of university heads of department
Janet Goodall, Robert Smith and Natia Sopromadze (University of Warwick)
Final Report (pdf)

An investigation into leadership preparation in two primary schools
Gill Howland (Consultant)
Final Report (pdf)

Preparing school leaders: the African perspective
Pontso Moorosi (University of Warwick) and Carolyn Grant (Rhodes University)
Final Report (pdf)

Leadership aspirations of early career secondary school teachers: implications for the development of new leaders
Joan Smith and David Pedder (University of Leicester) *Report not currently available

Structural change, governance and leadership: rationale, models, practice and impact

Governance and accountability arrangements: new types of schooling
Ian Abbott and Penny Smith (University of Warwick)
Final Report (pdf)

Investigating new relations between local authorities and schools in the South West of England
Ruth Boyask (University of Plymouth)
Final Report (pdf)

The distribution and nature of autonomy in a chain of Academies
Chris Chapman and Maija Salokangas (University of Manchester)
*Report not currently available

The Co-operative Schools and Academies movement as a model for meaningful community ownership of schools within new 'middle tier' arrangements
Ian Craig (LSE) and Max Coates (Institute of Education, University of London)
Final Reports (pdf)

A geographical approach to studying the restructuring of schooling
Megan Crawford (University of Cambridge) and Tim Simkins, John Coldron and Steve Jones (Sheffield Hallam University)
Final Reports (pdf)

Organisational socialisation through data use in the expansion of an academy chain
David Eddy Spicer (University of Bath)
Final Report (pdf)

Contestability, autonomy and Free Schools: evidence in two localities
Rob Higham (Institute of Education, London)
*Report not currently available

The local impact of a hard federation of 10 schools, in a three tier system, in a market town
Gill Howland (Westwood Trust) and Keith Hollins, (Westwood College)
Final report (pdf)

Governing bodies that choose to join federations and multi-academy trusts
Emma Knights and Eleanor Howarth (National Governors’ Association)
Final Report (pdf)

The Devil in the Detail? A comparative analysis of teachers’ working conditions in different types of schools with particular reference to employment contracts and staff handbooks
Justine Mercer (University of Warwick), Bronwen Jones (St John’s Senior School, Enfield) and Howard Stevenson (University of Lincoln)
*Report not currently available

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