LISTEN: Lessons from Lockdown with Tony Breslin


This week on the Governance and Governing RIG’s podcast, Tony Breslin discusses chapter 8 of his new book, ‘Lessons from Lockdown’, and what schools and governors can do going forward as lockdowns lift. Listen here:

Tony is a public policy analyst and writer, specialising in education, participation and the third sector. He is also Chair at Bushey Primary Education Federation and a Trustee at Adoption UK. His latest book, Lessons From Lockdown: the educational legacy of COVID-19 (Routledge, 2021) has been critically acclaimed and his policy reports, Who Governs Our Schools? Trends, Tensions and Opportunities (RSA, 2017) and A Place for Learning: putting learning at the heart of citizenship, civic identity and community life (RSA, 2016) have been influential in shaping the evolving landscapes of educational governance and lifelong learning respectively. You can follow Tony on Twitter, here

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