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Hi Now we have significant interest in the group (over 70 members have expressed an interest in this area) I would like to gain group members feedback on what type of activity they would like the HELM RIG to support. For example, should we have face to face meetings (perhaps including one at the annual conference) and if so how many and where would be best? Should we propose a discussion slot at the annual conference? Or even a whole research strand at the conference? What about on line activity, particularly for our international colleagues? I would also like group members' thoughts on what specific writing activities we could look to co-ordinate? For example, a special edition of an appropriate peer reviewed journal or an edited book. All thoughts would be welcome as we begin to develop the group's activity over the next few months.

Hello Alan and other members, Really pleased to have joined BELMAS just as you were launching this RIG. Excellent timing from my point of view. I am about to take up Head of Learning Technology at the UEA which is my first leadership post. Needless to say have found the whole BELMAS website an incredible support. Strangely I never really thought of educational leadership as a research area in itself so have been fascinated to learn how much active writing and innovation is goes on. I really enjoyed the articles in the current journal about distributed leadership and found myself applying the ideas to others I have read recently regarding accountability and autonomy. All fascinating stuff. The team at the UEA is pretty large so I am not sure how much time I will have to follow interest areas – but certainly this forum will be a frequent stop for me. I’m very much looking forward to engaging with your ideas. Very best wishes

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