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Welcome to the new RIG - we're up and running! Please feel free to post here, and to add documents (link to the right) as you feel it's useful to do so. My main question is - what would people like from the RIG? Best Janet j.s.goodall@bath.ac.uk

The team at the BELMAS office also adds a warm welcome to you and a huge thank-you to Janet Goodall for her drive and enthusiasm to create and sustain this RIG. Documents can be emailed to info@belmas.org.uk for adding to the Document Library and we will be adding material and information to this RIG over the coming months. Please respond to Janet's question about what you would like from this new RIG.

Hello! Is this RIG still active? I would love to be involved and to collaborate with others currently researching parental engagement and/or implementing initiatives with families, communities and schools.

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