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Dear all, There will be a special issue of School Leadership and Management, which may be of interest - I invite papers from any members of the RIG! The purpose of this special issue is to examine the issues arising for school leadership and management in relation to parental engagement with children’s learning. There is a wealth of material on parental engagement, but much less relating to how school leaders/managers can support this engagement. The issue seeks articles that focus on the perspectives, actions and issues for school leaders, in relation to parental engagement with the learning of children and young people. Articles are welcome which examine these issues in a wide range of settings: primary, secondary, further education, as well as early years, international schools and other settings. The abstracts should include a summary of the main argument or findings of research and some indication of the literature to be examined or empirical research upon which the paper will draw. Please review the journal’s Aims and Scope and the Notes for Contributors listed at the journal website: The proposed timetable is: • 1 July 2017 – Submit abstracts deadline • 15 July 2017 – replies to authors of submitted abstracts. • 1 September, 2017 - First submission of papers • 1 September – 14th October - Refereeing process • Final: Ist November, 2017 – Final submission of accepted articles • January, 2018 - Publication Submission Information To contribute to this special issue, please submit an abstract of between 500-1,000 words to Janet Goodall, at, by 1 July, 2017. All articles will proceed through the peer-review process and the editor of the special issue, in collaboration with the editor appointed by the Journal to co-ordinate special issues, will have the final say in the decision to publish. Final papers must be 7,500 words or fewer.

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