Network Indonesia Education Researchers’ Seminar


Members of the BELMAS Student Research Network (SRN) are invited to the following event held at the Embassy of Indonesia in London:

Date: Monday 20th November 2017
Venue: Embassy of Indonesia, 30 Great Peter Street, London
Time: 10am - 5pm

This free event is aimed at researchers who wish to explore the possibility of collaborating to create research projects in Indonesia. Although the content of the panels is centred around leadership and vocational education, the networking is for all interests and even those from other fields, including STEM subjects, who are welcome to get in touch as the Embassy will do it's best to connect you with an academic with similar interests.

The seminar will seek to:

  • Provide a networking opportunity between educational researchers at UK universities and Indonesian academics.
  • Further explore issues relating to values and leadership, and vocational education
  • To create conversation between people from different backgrounds

 Further details and registration can be found by following the link below:

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