Transnational Knowledge: Implications in Different Educational Contexts


Date: 19th January 2017
Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: University of Warwick

Keynote Speaker:  Professor Helen Gunter, Professor of Education Policy, University of Manchester

Inspired by the concept of Transnational Leadership Packages (TLP) by Thomas et al., (2014) the BELMAS Research Student Community Seminar on Transnational Knowledge (TF) aims to reflect and discuss possibilities and challenges of TK. It will offer opportunities for the participants to:

  • explore the meaning and applicability of TK in different educational backgrounds/disciplines, cultural, structural, religious and political contexts;
  • evaluate the concept of TK and discuss its complexities, implications and challenges;
  • develop a shared understanding of TK.

Event Format: 

A) Keynote speech: 'Knowledge Production in a Global World'
B) Individual presentations from participants
C) Small group discussions
D) Plenary (aimed for discussing the shared understanding of TK and unpack the concept and also plan and propose an idea for the next community meeting)

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Registration for this event is free. Joining instructions with full venue details will be provided to registered delegates one week prior to the event. 

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