One of the major purposes of BELMAS is to bring together research and practice in the fields of educational leadership, management and administration. In pursuing this aim, we see research students (including those studying both for PhDs and for professional doctorates) as a very important constituency. We are also aware that being a doctoral student can be an isolating experience – contacts are often limited to supervisors and other academic staff and research students in the university at which they enrolled and wider links are difficult to make. Consequently BELMAS is establishing a community of research students in educational leadership, management and administration (including policy related to these areas). The aims of the community are:

  1. To enable research students:
    - to identify and communicate with colleagues in other universities with whom they share research interests;
    - to share their work and have it discussed and critiqued in a supportive environment
  2. To provide workshops and other activities through which methodological and other questions of shared concern can be addressed in ways that complement the provision of students’ own universities
  3. To develop a database of research student activity in the field that can be used to inform policy and practice

The intention is that the community will be owned by its members and run by a small steering group of research students, supported by the BELMAS office.

All research students (and their supervisors) who are members of BELMAS are invited to join the community.

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