Richard Hatcher

Project Summary

Developing a new vision, constructing a new relationship with schools: a study of the education policy process from development to implementation of a Labour Party in transition from opposition to office in a major urban local authority

The aim of the research is to study the development and implementation of a distinctive ‘Vision for Urban Education and Learning’, and the attempt to construct a new relationship with schools, in a major urban local authority in the context of the Coalition government policy framework, as Labour moves from opposition to control of the local council.

The research is intended to capture a developmental process over a period of 12 months. It will be based on interviews with key informants, documentary analysis, and observation of meetings. Key councillors will be interviewed regularly during the research period, and there will be a series of interviews with selected school leaders and other participants in the policy formation and implementation process.

The research will be situated in four overlapping contexts: Coalition government policies on education and local government; national Labour Party education policy as it develops; debates in the fields of urban education and local government and governance; and current debates about new future directions for school education.

(Richard Hatcher, Birmingham City University)

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