Storytelling in early years leadership: The power of sharing what we do

Time: 4.30pm - 6pm GMT
When: Thursday 22nd April 2021

How can we use stories to communicate the importance of the early years to others?
How can we strengthen parent and community links through sharing stories?
How can we grow storytelling as part of our advocacy work?

In our last two symposia for the Leadership in Early Years Education Research Interest Group (BELMAS), discussion turned to the importance of effectively communicating with others about the importance of early years. This is a key concern for us as leaders, given the essential role played by the clear articulation of vision, values and goals in developing our own organisations and on influencing wider societal views of the sector and policy-making decisions.

We think stories are key. In fact, the final words of the last symposium were ‘we need to tell our story’ and we want to explore further how exactly early years leaders can do that.

We are ‘defined by the stories we tell about our collective selves: our victories and defeats; our heroes and foes; our distinctive values and ways of being’ (Storr, 2019, p. 2-3)

Through brief presentations and open dialogue, the 90 minute symposium will explore how early years leaders can use storytelling as a means to bring others on board with the social purpose of what we do, whether to parents, the local community or the wider public. We want stories that not only offer a window into the importance of early years work, but act as a call to action to support this sector and its professionals.

We have three great speakers lined up:

-        Dr Valerie Daniel, nursery school headteacher and EY advocate

-        Nichole Leigh Mosty, EY centre director turned Icelandic politician

-        Jacqueline Lamb, CEO of Indigo Childcare Group in Glasgow

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