Leadership Preparation and Development

The Leadership, Preparation and Development Research Interest Group is open to all those who have an interest in researching leadership development in its broadest sense, including educational leaders, researchers and research students. Its aim is to build a forum and network capable of generating and facilitating exchange and partnership on a continuing basis across the full range of research interests, professional contexts and contemporary issues relating to leadership development.

The group might appeal to colleagues researching the changes in leadership preparation and development. This could include colleagues researching social policy, Initial Teacher Education, postgraduate education, those involved in CPD, those involved with recent NCTL developments, and so on. 

Benefits from participation will include:

  • Membership of a community of researchers engaged in advancing the understanding of leadership development
  • The opportunity to collaborate or correspond with colleagues engaged in similar studies, research or activity
  • The opportunity to identify and explore contemporary issues linked to leadership development
  • Participation in future events specifically covering issues related to leadership development

Networking and further information on this RIG's activities will take place in the members' area of the BELMAS website, click here to join.  Membership is free for the first year.

We are keen to hear from members of BELMAS who are interested in leadership preparation and development.

This RIG was launched at the University of Derby on Tuesday 19th May, with a keynote talk by Professor Tony Bush. Please find web-link for talk and slides attached. We had a successful day and very much enjoyed Tony’s talk that provided food for thought on the areas for development inside this RIG. 

In the meantime our initial plan, to move the RIG forward, was to hold a day in the Autumn Term, where we would present short abstracts from our research in this area, and discuss where we wanted to go next. This session took place on Monday 9th November 2016 at the Centre for Professional Education, University of Warwick. This enabled us to discuss as a group how we choose to collectively go forward with our Research Interest Group, and whether or not we want to consider some publications from our research.

Although, as Tony’s launch talk mentioned, much of this focus is at present school based, as a RIG we are also interested to hear from other angles on LPD.  On Thursday March 16th 2017, we held a session returning to our Micro theme relating to LPD cultures with a talk by Paul Irvine, on middle leadership preparation, from his now submitted EdD at JMU, Liverpool. Slides here.  

On Thursday November 9th 2017 we held a Panel Discussion session on the Future of LPD in English Schools, with an invited group of LPD specialists, the notes of which can be found here. The RIG also met to discuss the 2018 forthcoming Special Edition of LPD in Management in Education.

On Wednesday May 16th 2018, the Leadership Preparation and Development (LPD) RIG met in Glasgow for a session on The Recent LPD Developments in Scotland. The RIG conveners kindly recorded the event so you can view the presentations. Take a look at the videos here.

If you have any questions, please do contact me. Many thanks,

Deb Outhwaite

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