We welcome all BELMAS members to join the newly established Reflective Practice RIG. As a group created with the goal of linking current teachers and educational leaders with academics and academic research, we welcome members of all career paths and stages in education. The current educational climate means that sometimes there is not enough time or facilitation for reflective practice in schools and so this RIG aims to provide a place to discuss how this can be made possible and how it can be done effectively.


This RIG will also help to bridge the gap between current educational leaders/teachers and the academics who can support them in their practice. Benefits from participation will include: 

  • Participation from a unique network of passionate teachers and researchers to promote reflective practice to improve the quality of teaching and learning within schools  
  • Access to current research and practitioners; the RIG will act as a gateway for researchers seeking to work with teachers and vice versa   ·   
  • Contributions from a range members and their backgrounds 
  • Development of methods to include Reflective Practice in all educational settings    


Andrew Townsend, University of Nottingham

Phil Taylor, University Nottingham

Claire Harley, University of Nottingham (EdD candidate)


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