We are delighted to introduce our newest Research Interest Group (RIG): SEND Leadership and Management. The remit for this RIG is to consider a professional development pathway for leaders of SEND (in a variety of settings) beyond the National SENCO Award to ensure sustainability and retention of trained practitioners. To that end, their intent is to publish a paper on possible solutions for ‘SEND Leadership: The Way Forward’. The RIG aims to meet face to face three times a year, with core members and a limited number of additional invitees/guests.

The SEND RIG will be led by two co-ordinators. The primary co-ordinator is BELMAS Member, Anita Devi, who won The International Educational Leaders Award 2017 for her work on the SEND Leadership Pipeline.

The Group actively seeks contributions to the RIG from SEND Leaders who have been in post less than 5 years and those in post more than 10 years, as well as individuals responsible for line management of SEND Leaders.  Interested parties should send their 2-page CV and a 500-word summary on why they wish to participate in the SEND RIG to info@belmas.org.uk.

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