Update - 17th September RIG meeting


The RIG held a very successful meeting on the theme ‘Local authorities and new landscapes of schooling’ at Birmingham City University on 17 September. Three presentations were made deriving from projects funded by BELMAS: Ruth Boyask spoke on ‘Emerging models of service relationships with schools’; Richard Hatcher (Birmingham City University) spoke on ‘Authority-wide partnerships as a strategy for local engagement’; and Tim Simkins (Sheffield Hallam University) spoke on ‘Influencing emerging local patterns of schooling: the role of the LA’. The presentations by Boyask and Simkins can be found in the document library. In the afternoon Richard Hatcher led a discussion on the ‘Trojan Horse’ affair in Birmingham and its implications for governance more generally. A paper by Birmingham CASE was circulated: this can be found on the Birmingham CASE website.


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