Review of UK Education - Background References

(Last updated 29/9/17)

Comparative Analysis of Education Policy and Leadership in the UK

OECD (2016) Education at a Glance: country note United Kingdom

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Scottish Education and Education Policy

Official documents

OECD (2015) Improving Schools in Scotland: an OECD perspective

Scottish Government (2016) Delivering Excellence and Equity in Scottish Education: A Delivery Plan for Scotland 

Scottish Government (2017) Education Governance: Next steps - empowering our teachers, parents and communities to deliver excellence and equity for our children

Research papers and analyses

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Welsh Education and Education Policy

Official documents

OECD (2014) Improving Schools in Wales: an OECD perspective

OECD (2017) The Welsh Education Reform Journey: a rapid policy assessment 

Welsh Government (2017) Education in Wales: our national mission 2017-21

Research papers and analyses

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English Education and Education Policy

Official documents

House of Commons (2014) Academies and Free Schools: Fourth Report of Session 2014-15 [HC2588]. London: House of Commons.

Department for Education (2016) Educational Excellence Everywhere (CM9230)  (White Paper)

Ofsted (2016) The Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2015/16

Education, Children’s Services and Skills 2015/16

Research papers and analyses

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Northern Ireland Education and Education Policy

Research papers and analyses

Gardner, J. (2016) ‘Education in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement: Kabuki theatre meets danse macabre’, Oxford Review of Education, 42(3), 346-361

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