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English Conference takes place


The English conference of the UK Education Review was held in Birmingham on 25-26th September 2018. There were 27 participants representing many aspects of education in that country, including schools, multi-academy trusts, local authorities, diocese, universities, the Chartered College of Teaching and the Staff College. The conference was in a similar workshop format to that which was successful at the Scottish and Welsh conferences. It was informed by two overview papers which provided frameworks for analysing developments in England, one by Professor Philip Woods and colleagues of the University of Hertfordshire, the other by Professor Ron Glatter of the Open University. These were complemented by four presentations by Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of teaching, Howard Nelson, Chief Operating Officer, Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust, and Professors Toby Greany and Helen Gunter of the Universities of Nottingham and Manchester respectively. These papers and presentations will be placed in the Document Library shortly and further material will be added as the project proceeds. The final jurisdictional conference will be held in Belfast on 4-5 December 2018, with a UK conference in 2019 reviewing the issues and findings that have emerged from the four country conferences.


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