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Northern Ireland Conference takes place


The Northern Ireland conference of the UK Education Review was held in Belfast on 4-5 December 2018. There were 34 participants representing many aspects of education in that country, including controlled, Catholic, integrated and Irish medium schools, the Department of Education and Education Authority, the Northern Ireland General Teaching Council and Council for Curriculum, Assessment and Examinations, professional associations and universities. The conference was in a similar workshop format to that which was successful at the Scottish, Welsh and English conferences. It was informed by two overview papers which provided frameworks for analysing developments in Northern Ireland, by Professors Tony Gallagher and Laura Lundy of the Queens University, Belfast. These were complemented by four presentations by Dr Peter Hamill of the Controlled Schools’ Council, Liam Perry representing the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, Cliodhna Scott-Wills of the NI Council for Integrated Education and Liam Ó Flannagáin of the Council for Irish Medium Education. These papers and presentations will be placed in the Document Library shortly and further material will be added as the project proceeds. The final conference, to be held in Manchester on 25-26 March 2019 will review and compare the issues and findings that have emerged from the four country conferences.

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