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Scotland conference takes place


The first UK Education Review conference was held in Stirling on 6-7 March 2018. There were 29 participants, who made it despite the conference following closely on ‘the beast for the east’. The majority comprised senior staff from the Scottish Government and associated agencies, local authorities, professional associations and schools, together with representatives of universities from both Scotland and the wider UK. The conference was in workshop format which engendered lively discussion and debate. It was informed by two overview papers which provided frameworks for analysing developments in Scotland, one by Jenny Ozga of the University of Oxford, the other by Christine Forde of the University of Glasgow and Deirdre Torrance of the University of Edinburgh. These were complemented by four presentations by Scottish educational leaders on key themes: Gillian Hamilton, General Secretary, SCEL; Sheila Laing, headteacher of Prestonpans Infant School, East Lothian and the University of Edinburgh; Maureen McKenna, President, Association of Directors of Education in Scotland; and Jim Thewliss, General Secretary, School Leaders, Scotland. These papers and presen tations can in the Document Library. Further material will be added as the project proceeds. The next conference will be held in Ll andrindod Wells on 12-13 June 2018, with conferences following in England and Northern Ireland and a UK conference in 2019 reviewing the issues and findings that have emerged from the four country conferences.

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